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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Monday in pictures.

I love seeing this guy along the highway. He makes me smile.
(By the way, if you happen to know this guy, you don't have to say it.
Remember, I try to keep specifics about our location
kind of quiet.)

About 40 miles into the 65 to get to Sarah's game.


To me, these are weird bleachers. To others,
they are normal.
What say you?

My little girl is becoming quite the star
of her team.

They're getting bored.

Woot! Finally, a win!

I just really thought that this was cool - they turned their water
tower into a giant Christmas bell.

That would be an oil refinery. At night. With the camera set on the
wrong speed.

We had a special guest at Scouts last night.
And apparently the camera was STILL on the wrong speed.

They were deep in conversation.

And then we got a story.

The end.

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