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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Some relief

Not so long ago, I posted a bunch of pictures from a local-ish river that had all but dried up from our drought. It got even worse after those pictures, and it's stayed that way pretty much all winter.

But, we managed to get some snow, and some rain, and so things are starting to turn green again and the river has regained most of its water. Today was the first chance that we got to actually stop and take some pictures. It was even more fun because it was a rare occasion when I only had Jared and Daniel with me, so they had a field day running around enjoying themselves.

Make sure you look at that other link to see how dry it actually was - but this is what it looked like today.

No walking across it now...

And yes, I totally did a Rocky and ran up the steps.

See the splash? That was a really
big rock.

After we got done playing here, we went out for ice cream and then came home and hung out for a while until the other kids came home. The Wounded Dude came over this evening and hung out while I worked on some crafty stuff and we got to watch a movie together before he went back over to his place (he fell on the ice and messed up his shoulder - we'll know more about the extent of it on Tuesday) so at least we got to spend a little bit of time together.

The rest of the week is going to be crazy. We have appointments left and right for all sorts of fun (and not so fun) stuff, and work, and kid schedules, and who-knows-what-else....

One day at a time...


  1. Love the pictures and glad you got to do something simple with your family :)

    ps I nominated you for a liebster - check it out http://camomsworld.blogspot.com/2013/04/super-love.html




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