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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Volleyball with a side of pain

We got up this morning and prepared for another fun-filled Saturday morning full of volleyball games for Emily.

Unfortunately, it didn't turn out that way.

She played her heart out through the first match, but they lost.

That's Sarah in the stripes, line judging.
Emily has on the long black shorts and tall white socks.
Then before the second match started, she and her teammates decided to explore. They found this set of steps that went up from the gym and they wanted to see what was at the top of them. It was the weight room. So they came back down the steps.

The Steps of Doom
And that's where the day went horribly wrong. Emily slipped or tripped or stumbled or something and went down the last 3-4 steps on her back. And if you look closely, you'll see that they're cement. No padding.

Long story short, Ex1 took her to the hospital, and I followed. The Dude took the boys and my van and went back to the house while we took care of her.

We honestly thought that she was fine. We figured that they'd do x-rays and say that nothing was broken and send her home - but we were ok with that because then we'd know that she was fine. After a lot of poking and prodding, a few hours, and several x-rays, it was determined that she did indeed end up with some minimal compression fractures in two of her vertebrae. The ER doctor feels that she won't need any sort of treatment or anything because they are minimal - but he wants her to take it easy for a few days and then follow up with our doctor on Monday.

So Ex1 gave me a ride back home since The Dude had taken my van, and Emily went and hung out with some friends to watch a movie (that had already been planned) for a few hours. She came home and crashed  on the couch pretty soon afterwards, and I'm just allowing her to sleep there tonight. If she's comfortable, I'm not going to make her move.

I swear, this week has it out for me for some reason. We had our drama from the other day and then this today - hopefully this is the end of it, because I'm exhausted and I need sleep.


  1. Aw! Poor kid!
    That totally stinks.

    Be careful with compression fractures... I can attest that even though they "shouldn't" be a problem... down the road, they are.
    Ten years after I had 3 compression fractures in my thoracic vertebrae, I am starting to feel tremendous back pain, only to find out from my NOW doctor, that they should have down MORE to help me back then.

    Just saying.


    1. Thankfully, there actually were no fractures (yes, I'm way behind on comments), so other than resting and healing, she's in good shape!


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