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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekend shots

It's been kind of a weird weekend. Not bad. Just...off for some reason.

Maybe it's because Alex's father actually took him for the weekend, and so he was gone for 49 1/2 hours (a new record). It might have been because I just didn't really feel good all weekend. Maybe it was the weather. It could have something to do with The Dude working a lot of hours this weekend (and not feeling well himself) and so he hasn't been around and I miss him (sappy, huh?). Maybe it was just a combination of all of that plus more.

Anyway...here are some shots from our weekend. It was another one of those weekends where I was busy the whole time, but didn't get much done.

Started out with Emily's volleyball games Saturday morning...

Emily serving while Sarah acted as line judge

Love this old gym. The bleachers? Not so much...

We did a bunch of running around after the game, including a quick run to the library while we were out and about.

I can not believe that I allowed her out of the house like that. And yes, those are pajama pants.

Remember the apple tree that I found a couple of weeks ago? We finally got back up there to pick the apples.

Picking apples

There's a reason why I bring my kids along on these adventures - and it's not just for the family bonding time. They're better climbers than I am.

Just a little dew-covered patch of wildflowers

Not as much as I had hoped for, but still enough for a few batches of apple butter in the coming week or so.

Now, about a month ago or so, I went on another garbage bag rampage with the kids' toys. They refused to pick stuff up and put it away, so I picked it up for them - and all of the toys went into a big garbage bag and the bag went outside beside the trash can. Now I admit that I did rip it back open again at one point, because there was actually a shoe in there that was needed - but other than that the bag was not disturbed.

And then it rained. And I forgot that the bag had been torn open. Grrrr.

I finally relented and brought the bag inside yesterday - I figured that with the issues that I've been having with Weird Neighbor, I didn't want him to "help" me by throwing the bag into the trash can for me. A lot of the toys did go into the trash (oh darn). Some of the plastic stuff went into the dishwasher and some of it went into the sink. And on one of the toys, we found a new friend....

Somehow the other day, Alex managed to rip this shelf out of the wall. Apparently, he accidentally reached up to it with the broom handle, accidentally hooked the broom handle around the end of the shelf, and then accidentally pulled it out of the wall.

I just love how those accidents happen. He's lucky there were just bins of hats and gloves up there, and not something really heavy.

But I finally got around to fixing that today.

The rest of the time has been spent cleaning and doing laundry and cooking and doing dishes and all of that fun stuff.

I still just feel....... bleh. But I have determined that no matter what happens in the morning, I am going to force myself to go out and walk/jog after I get the kids off to school. I'm not sure how far I'll go, but after the incredible workout the other night, I need to do something to keep myself going.

Now, I just have to stick with it.

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