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Sunday, July 15, 2012


The last cigarette has been smoked. The pack is empty. I'm done with them. Forever this time. And I expect all of you to hold me to it, and to bust me if you catch me smoking again! ;)

The Dude is going through the same thing tonight. So is his mother. So we should be an interesting trio for a while.

Today has been a crazy hectic day. The boys and I went to church this morning, ran back here and grabbed lunch, then went and got The Dude and drove an hour each way to a party for my niece's daughter - it was a combination 8th birthday and adoption party, and I'm very happy to say that her stepfather is now legally her father! After we got back from there, we dropped The Dude back off at his house and then the boys went to Vacation Bible School at our church for a few hours, then came home, got baths, and watched a movie. Alex went to bed on his own, but at some point I have to move Daniel from where he crashed on the loveseat and put him in bed.

And now, I get to go clean up the kitchen and work on some laundry and stuff. The Dude's brother, sister-in-law, and nieces will be here bright and early in the morning for breakfast before they head back home to Colorado. The boys have a dentist appointment in the morning, and then we have VBS again so it's going to be yet another crazy, fun-filled day!


  1. OMIGAWD... I'm twitchy just from reading that!




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