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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The "Almost Annual" pilgrimage to Penn State (TMOART:12)

Of course, while we were back east we had to make the trip up to State College. I do it every time that I'm back there, and now it's gotten to be a tradition to put the kids on the Nittany Lion Shrine for their picture. I can't believe how much they've grown just in the past 3 years....




They're just growing up entirely too fast.

This was The Dude's first trip to Penn State, and my first trip since the Sandusky scandal and Paterno's death. For me, it was a different experience as I thought about everything that has changed there in the past few months. We were there just a few days after the trial ended so luckily we didn't have to deal with the chaos, but it was still so surreal to walk around the campus and wonder what everyone else was thinking and feeling.

But anyway....we didn't get to spend a lot of time there because of everything else that we had to do while we were in that part of the state. So we took our photo ops at the Lion Shrine, JoePa's statue, and the wall, and then we bolted.


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