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Thursday, January 27, 2011

A somewhat typical day…

So this is one of those days where I just don’t have anything profound to say. After the chaos of my typical Wednesday afternoon/evening yesterday, I read for a little bit and then I went to bed fairly early. The alarms (yes, that’s plural) went off at 5:15am this morning and I staggered to the shower to start my day. By 7:15, I had all 5 kids up, dressed, fed, teeth brushed (at least I think they all brushed their teeth), lunches packed for the 2 who wanted them, I was dressed and even managed to slap a little bit of makeup on….and we headed out the door to school.

The older 3 go to school about 15 miles from here. On Thursdays and Fridays I have to take them to school so that involves getting ALL of them up and ready at this ungodly hour. Considering that only one of the 6 of us is a morning person – and it is NOT me, these mornings are usually jam-packed with arguing, screaming, and temper tantrums – and I’m not sure who is worse, me or the kids. I hate mornings with every fiber of my being. If I could wake up on my own and take my time to get out of bed, I’d be fine. But having multiple alarms screaming at me and deadlines to meet just doesn’t agree with me.

But, I managed to get them there on time, and I don’t think that they forgot anything. I turned around and headed home with the youngest two to try to get organized for the day. They have preschool at 9:00am so we left just a few minutes before that to get there on time. I had to talk to the director about immunizations and fees and such, so I visited with her for a few minutes and then came back home. I had taken them to the doctor yesterday to get immunizations updated, and found that their records were a bit “off” – rather than wait at the doctor’s office and have my 5 year old be late for school yesterday, I told them that I would pick up the (hopefully) completed and updated records later. So I left the house at about 9:30am today and walked to the doctor’s office.

It was a bit odd – walking without a stroller. It’s not something that I get to do very often, if at all. I set the one app on my phone to track my progress and found that the pace I did during this walk was close to my goal pace for when I actually do the half-marathon. Granted, I only walked a little over 3 miles today, but still – it gives me a little bit of hope.

After I got home from my walk, I jumped into the shower (again) and rinsed off the sweat and then got dressed (again) and took off to pick the boys up from preschool (and drop off the new and improved immunization records for their files).

Once home, again, I started laundry, found something for all of us to eat (which included me eating way too much crap – why oh why did I do that after I did all that walking this morning?!?!?!?!?!), did some dishes, loaded the dishwasher, picked up some random crap that was laying around, started folding the girls’ laundry, etc etc etc. I have to leave here around 2:00pm to go back to the older kids’ school to pick up the daughter that got injured during the basketball game on Saturday, as she is still in too much pain for my comfort. Her ankle is still somewhat swollen and is turning all sorts of not-so-pretty colors. So after I get her to the doctor and back home, I get to deal with homework and dinner (I don’t even know what in the world to make at this point) and baths and I’m quite sure that there will be drama mixed in there too. At least my 5 year old doesn’t have school today or tomorrow – adds to the chaos in some ways, as he is the Non-Stop Kid, but also makes things easier because I don’t have to worry about pickups and dropoffs for him.

Someday, maybe someday, I’ll get to have a truly relaxing day. I’m thinking that might happen sometime around June 2025, when my youngest turns 18.

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  1. I think that when all 5 are in full time regular school, you will be totally lost.


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